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i'm sure that the ipad will be a nice "one more" gadget. but right now, we are on the brink of a new time. the knowledge order is redefined. who owns information? who distributes information? who can change information? these are but a few questions that show how much has changed in recent years. many "old" approaches to media will vanish, new approaches are forming. but what will these new approaches be? will we have more possiblities to change, to publish, to create? or less? there is a war going on about these questions. 

i would have wished the ipad to be a devices that takes a position and sits firmly on the consumer side in this war. well, it turns out it does not. it sits on the old media industries side. 

frankly, i don't care about your (or my) parents needs in respect to media consumption. what i care about is my kids needs. and what they need is not another device to consume. they need something to contribute, to be part of it, to make, to create, to remix, to express themselves. 

of course there are ipad usage scenarios that are nice and cozy, but i don't care, because at the moment, we need something completely different. 

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